World Heart Rhythm Week- words from Heart Hero Jade

Hi I’m jade and I have Congenital Heart Disease, 10 years ago and almost to the day I was in town shopping for my sisters wedding and as I was walking , I felt what I can only describe as a pop in my chest.  I panicked straight away as I have had lots of heart problems and within seconds of feeling this pop I couldn’t take my heart rate it was everywhere and very fast. I went home and rested on the sofa and just tried to calm down.  12 hours later I was still no better so took myself to hospital, when I got there I was put straight on a heart monitor and my heart rate was 270 beats a min and they didn’t know how I was still on my feet they blue lighted me to Bristol as I was also pregnant . When I got there they said I was in AF Atrial fibrillation and was also Tachycardic.

I spent 2 weeks in Bristol then trying to get me out of it with meds but in the end they had to Cardiocvert me this has happened twice more since then and I have had to be Cardioverted twice more the last time I ended up having to have heart surgery as it had made my mitral valve much worse than it was before.

I am now on medicines for life to try and keep me out of it but most days I get arrhythmias but because I’m so highly medicated and 

I’ve had ablation surgery with some deep breathing and a sit down I can normally bring myself out of it. 

It’s extremely scary and I would not wish how it makes me feel on my worst enemy but its now just something I have to live with it’s hard and scary but I’m alive and I am so thankful for that and I just hope my little heart hero never has to deal with it.