Where does your donation go?

As a result of a flood of positive statistics and promises in the news recently, the general consensus seems to be that the world is on the up. Amidst the hope, it’s easy to forget that, although one major global issue is near to being behind us, lots of issues remain: children with congenital heart diseases are still battling valiantly with their illnesses, and their parents still soldier on through a swarm of Doctor’s appointments, operations, and the daily concern for their child’s health.

These children are still in need of your donations, and no matter how large or small they have a huge impact on the lives of those children unfortunate enough to be affected by these illnesses. 

That’s why we believe it is important to be transparent with where your money goes, so that you know just how invaluable they are, and how much they mean to those families.

So how do we spend your money? Well, at the moment we are working on:

  • Sensory Boxes – these are ‘gift baskets’ sent out to our families with very young children. They are filled with a selection of items to stimulate all the senses, from ‘tactile books’ to feathers, balloons and treats; all of which are designed to enable the child to explore the world around them using their senses.
  • Heart Child Paint-Alongs – over Zoom, a professional artist holds a workshop on how to create your very own masterpieces at home. We send out all the materials required to ensure that every child can take part, and it encourages children to be creative in a fun and engaging way.
  • Movie Afternoons – in these, we send out a ‘treat box’ filled with all kinds of goodies, from popcorn to sweets and chocolate. The families can then watch a streamed film over a Zoom call ‘together’ while enjoying their treats.
  • Patient Folders for Cardiac Wards – these are designed for recently-diagnosed families and contain everything they need to know about the illnesses, the hospitals, and our charity, including advice and how we can help.
  • Preparing for Meetups – while no physical meetups are taking place at the moment, we are still busy organising events and ensuring that our ‘hubs’ are poised to go as soon as we are able to begin again.

Every item that your donations go to have a considerable impact on the lives of those children, and they would not be possible without your kind-heartedness. We decide how to spend donations by talking to the families and groups and ascertaining what they feel the most effective programs are, and how we can help them as fully as possible: that’s how you know that your donation means a lot to the families, and that it really does go to where they need and want it the most.

There is still work to be done though: we are constantly expanding to new areas and helping out more and more families, so your continued support is vital as the charity’s work progresses. To ensure that we are able to help more families in more ways, please consider donating.

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