What is a Heart Hero?

What is a Heart Hero?

It’s me, can’t you see? 

I hide it well, you’d never tell,

I am resilient as can be. 

My NG tube gives me away, 

I don’t know how long this will stay,

I just can’t eat enough of dinner, 

So my tube stops me getting thinner! 

I am a tiny little dot, 

And I have gone through such a lot.

When I was born my Heart failed,

Such rocky waters, I have sailed.

Because of Congenital Heart Disease,

I’ve had five Heart Surgeries.

Three of my heart valves have been replaced, 

My fourth is leaking at quite a pace. 

I have a pacemaker in my tummy, 

without this I’d feel rather funny.

My bones are uneven in my chest,

Huge scars are hidden under my vest. 

Complications? I’ve had lots,

From collapsed lungs to blood clots. 

Infections? I’ve had so many,

Sepsis, Endocarditis, Respiratory. 

I’ve had the Doctors scratching heads,

as I’ve hopped around the hospital beds.

Sometimes I’ve not even been able to walk,

And sometimes I’ve not stopped for breath as I talk!! 

I am only four years old,

I don’t know what the future holds.

Still I fight on everyday,

Smashing obstacles in my way. 

My lifes been hard since it began,

But I find joy in all I can, 

I don’t let small things get me down, 

I love to smile and rarely frown. 

I’m a Heart Hero, can’t you tell?

Maybe not, I hide it well.

Written By Heart Mum Zoe and Author of Three Hearts, one journey