Wednesday’s Awareness Creates Acceptance

‘I’d like people to know that no question is a stupid question and that just because he’s got a special heart, he can still do anything he puts his mind too’.

‘I would like people / Mums to think. Just because he has half a heart doesn’t mean they should be afraid of him. Please invite him to parties and activities even if he can’t participate it means the world to him that he’s actually been invited and feels normal’.


‘I’d like people to know that he’s been through a hard time but is still a caring, funny and loving child.  I’d like people to know that mummy is not over reacting, just because you can’t see the things that he struggles with, doesn’t mean they aren’t there and doesn’t mean parents are over protective or over reacting.  I’d also like to echo those who have said that an operation doesn’t mean a child is fixed and also often that heart problems go hand in hand with other difficulties and diagnosis’.


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