Volunteering with Heart Heroes

Volunteering with Heart Heroes – Introduction

Who are you, and why are you volunteering with Heart Heroes?

My name is Xavier (Xav), and I am 17 years old. I am currently studying A-levels at Pate’s, and outside of school I enjoy playing my guitar and bass, as well as getting involved in various sports like football and cycling. I am volunteering with Heart Heroes as part of my Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award, which entails completing a series of self-improvement exercises modelled on Kurt Hahn’s solutions to his “Six Declines of Modern Youth” (or to be less pretentious, it is comprised of working on a skill, a physical activity, helping your community/volunteering, and going on a self-navigated expedition in a team).

Having volunteered at an after-school care facility for my Bronze and Silver DofE Awards, I knew that I wanted to volunteer at a charity this time around, and Heart Heroes was a great option: the charity does tangible work in improving the lives of small children and their families who are unfortunate enough to be affected by congenital heart diseases. It is a personal charity, and helps those families who are in ‘the same boat’ with regards to these illnesses to form support communities. For the parents, it can be really nice just to find another family that understands their problems. For the children, they can enjoy playing with friends who have the same ‘limitations’ as them, and are able to form bonds that will hopefully last later into their lives, so that they never feel alone or that the stress is too much when dealing with their illnesses. Heart Heroes provides events, as well as more direct help like hospital gowns and care packages, to facilitate this.

 In other words, it’s a fantastic cause, and means that my volunteering efforts won’t be ‘wasted’.

What kind of stuff do you do to help out?

I help out once a week for an hour, and the tasks I am set vary hugely: some days I will be packing boxes to go out to families (filled with sensory activities, colouring exercises, treats, etc.), other days I’ll be filing, and other days blogging. Really, I just help Kelly (the founder of the charity) with whatever needs to be done.

How can I can get involved?

Heart Heroes now has 7 hubs, which all provide events for their local communities (across South West England and South Wales), so if you live near to or in those regions, one thing you could do would be to help with some of the events the charity runs for those communities – they are run entirely by volunteers.

Alternatively, Heart Heroes would be very grateful if you would consider the charity as the benefactor of you next charity day, and is keen to make partnerships with businesses for these events (particularly those in the local area, who could form a closer partnership with a given hub).

Just email email@heartheroes.co.uk to find out more.