Tuesday’s Awareness Creates Acceptance

Awareness creates acceptance 💚

‘I’d like people to know it’s okay to reach out and ask questions about my heart hero child. I had a million questions and worries about my heart hero baby with no one to ask.  Reach out to me and message if you have any questions about their baby who is going through the same thing, I’m here’.

‘I would like people to be aware that If he looks blue and I don’t look worried, he’s fine. Don’t panic!!  I’d like people to know he’s always going to have a heart condition but we don’t want him to be treated any differently to any other child in nursery or his brother (as much as we can)’.

‘The condition doesn’t define him, it makes him. I’d like other to teach their children acceptance of differences and realise that everyone is perfect in their own way.
Ask me a question? I will answer. I don’t bite! I want to educate people on CHD, not hide it from the light’.