Theatre Stars

We’ve been sent some lovely news today about two new heart friends and how they met through taking part in a production of Matilda the Musical at Cheltenham Playhouse with CODS Youth Theatre! Heart families really are special #heartheroes #abilitiesnotdisablities ❤️


Gabby’s mum Maria tells the full story:

“During one of the long rehearsal days leading up to last Friday’s opening night, Gabby came home and said one of her cast friends Freddie mentioned he had had heart surgery, and Gabby told him she had too. So on hearing this I managed to find Julie, Freddie’s mum, on Facebook and messaged her to find out more about Freddie and share Gabby’s story.
“What are the chances, but it turns out Gabby and Freddie – who are both 11 – were both born with TOF [Tetralogy of Fallot; a group of four structural abnormalities within the heart that occur together]. It has been so lovely to connect with Freddie and his family, and for Gabby to find a new heart friend.
“Both families are obviously very proud of Gabby and Freddie, who are two out of a cast of 29 children to be given the opportunity to be part of this amazing production (180 children registered to audition), however the experience now seems even more special. Seeing them both performing together knowing what they have and will go through in the future is incredibly special to us all.
“We shared the story with the CODS who are putting on the production and asked if they would be able to take a photo of Gabby and Freddie in costume on stage for Heart Heroes, and they very kindly obliged. They are both in their opening scene costumes, they have had three shows so far and five more to go, starting this evening.”