The Heart Heroes APP

Heart defects are among the most common congenital anomalies in the UK, and estimates suggest that 1 to 2 percent of the total population could be affected. Heart Heroes works closely with the Bristol Children’s Hospital Cardiac team and The CHD Network Southwest to provide both physical and emotional support to children and their families who are living with these conditions.  

Our future ambitions are to expand the reach and impact of the charity, creating Heart Heroes Hubs across the UK, as well as developing a mobile App – this is the part that we need help with. Currently, we are working on an App to support the children and their families whilst they are having medical procedures in and around hospitals: it aims to be a distraction app, removing attention from the often overwhelming and intimidating experiences that these children have in hospitals, and replacing it with games and rewards through the App. Furthermore, it will facilitate connections between the children’s parents and an entire support network of both health specialists and other affected families. Some of the specific planned details are listed below:

– Feature games such as tic-tac-toe, Tetris and word search challenge, allowing children to gain rewards and trophies for parents to have a coffee funded by Heart Heroes.

– Parent to Parent connect will allow families to connect whilst in hospital and when at home.

– Parent to Specialist will be an instant link/email to the correct consultant/ cardiac ward.

– Parent to emotional support will connect families to a hospital psychologist.

– 360 tours of the hospital to help aid reassurance and familiarity.

– Add-ons such as filters to turn consultants/doctors/nurses into characters to make the children’s hospital visit fun and less clinical, and alleviate some stress and worry.

However, funding the development of such an impactful App requires a lot of support, and we are excited to announce that we have just set up a Crowdfunding initiative at – any donations, big or small, make an enormous difference, and facilitate the help that we give to these children and their families.