South Wales and South West Congenital Heart Disease Network

Happy Heart week 2021 from your Congenital Heart Disease Network!

This Heart Week, 8th to the 14th of February 2021,  we are celebrating all our heart hero’s and their amazing  patient journeys,  whilst also raising awareness of Congenital Heart Disease.

Congenital heart disease is a general term for changes in the heart that you are born with and that affects the normal way the heart works. It a lifelong  condition which affects up to 8 in every 1,000 babies born in the UK.  Often people with congenital heart disease will need treatment throughout their life and will require specialist review during childhood and adult. These reviews can take place with your local hospital team but also may take place in your nearest specialist centre.  To find out more about congenital heart disease please click here  (please insert link: )

Here in South Wales and the  South West  we have a Congenital Heart Disease Network to support CHD patients of all ages,  their families and staff who are involved  in CHD care across our network. The network covers all aspects of CHD services across South Wales and the South West. Together we aim to deliver the highest quality care and experience for our patients and their families. 


What is the network?

The network connects all the staff, services  and hospitals that provide your, or your loved ones, congenital heart disease care  across South Wales and the South West.  A core aims of our network is to support services across the region to meet the national congenital heart disease standards which were published in 2016 by NHS England (please insert link: ).   These standards set out how congenital heart disease care should be provided to patients, and how services should be organised across the UK.  

In our network we have representation from cardiologists, nurses, psychologists, pharmacists, dentists, managers, patient representatives, families and support groups, who meet regularly to talk about all aspects of care that is involved in supporting you or your loved one on their cardiac journey.  We discuss ways that we might improve the care, support and services to provide a better experience for you or your loved one.  Working together we aim to support our valued and experienced staff, by developing and promoting fantastic training and education opportunities, and providing a platform for staff to share learning and best practice.

If you would like find out more about the network please check out our website ( or follow us on twitter (@CHDNetworkSWSW).  If you or your loved one has a CHD story or experience you would like to share with us please do get in contact.