Eco Friendly Wildflower Seed Packet

Help us save the UK Bee and Butterfly population.

Made in UK with 100% recyclable materials, no plastic involved

Nothing can match the breathtaking display of colour and interest that can be obtained by sowing a cornfield annual mixture. The showy cornfield annuals Cornfield Flower Seed; Cornflower, Corn Marigold, Corn Cockle, Corn Chamomile, Corn Poppy and Purple Tansy are now a relative rarity in the wild due to ‘advances’ in crop weed control. We recommend preparing a settled seedbed preferably on a poor soil and always in full sun some time before sowing of cornfield annuals which will allow for a flush of annual weeds, which should then be destroyed by shallow cultivation or spraying prior to sowing – ideally from mid August to mid October or early spring.

All seeds sealed in a eco friendly glassine packets then put in white or kraft paper outer packet 124 x 88m.

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Have A H’art Framed Limited Print

100 limited edition prints available and each one is as unique as your warrior. The solid Heart, which represents the famous one in a hundred statistic, moves along through the collective Hearts and each print is numbered 1-100. Professionally printed with gold foil finish and presented in a white frame, these beautiful prints are intended to raise awareness wherever they are seen, and of course will come packaged with one of Alices postcards .

A perfect Gift for Mothers day, to Mum’s and Grandma’s from their warriors or a wonderful thank you gift to someone who has been a special part of your CHD journey!! All profits will go directly to Heart Heroes to enable them to continue their work supporting our families.