Our Vision

We have already achieved a tremendous amount, supporting many families and their children by working closely with the Bristol Children’s Hospital cardiac team and The CHD Network Southwest.


The Heart App

An important part of our vision moving forward is to create a Heart Heroes app – The Heart App. The app will help support heart children and their families even further when it comes to hospital appointments and treatments. There will be two areas for the app – parent and child. Some of the features for both of these areas are shown below.

The parent area will allow for support with other parents and contact with a specialist either for emotional support or medical questions.

The child area will deliver games for the child, a virtual reality option to turn their doctor into an animated character, storytime and a reward system.  

Another feature of the child area in the app is to allow the child a 360-degree virtual tour of the hospital that they will be attending to give them some familiarity beforehand.  

The ‘Heart Family Connect’ feature allows families to connect. This takes our charities key concept further, allowing families that are going through similar challenges connect with each other and provide support.  

Heart Heroes Hub

Our future plans are to create ‘Heart Heroes Hubs’ across the South West. The heart heroes team will create a heart hub, which will enable us to support more families who have children living with heart conditions.

Grow Heart Heroes

We would also like to be in a position to employ staff who can also help achieve everything Heart Heroes is about.

Increase Heart Heroes funding

We are a small charity and rely on generous donations. We are always grateful for any donations we receive. We have recently introduced a regular giving option which is one of the ways we are hoping will help the charity gain a more sustainable income. Please help us achieve our goals by donating regularly here.

Ways you can make an impact

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Our Supporters

We are fortunate to have the support of local businesses and their contributions to the charity are greatly appreciated. Some of our supporters include:

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Our GiveHope community are a group of compassionate people just like you who are dedicated to changing lives for our Heart Heroes by donating regularly.

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Every penny you donate helps a child and their family create lasting memories. The money you donate helps us fund group activities and events to create lasting memories and experiences for the child and their family. Every penny helps and we are grateful for all donations received whatever the size.

“Helping one person won’t change the world, but it would change the whole world for one person”

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