New Investment for Dolphin Ward

We have just made an exciting new investment – the Children’s Cardiac Dolphin Ward will receive a ‘giant iPad’ from us: it is an interactive display, made by Sharp, and is on a child-friendly wooden stand with smooth corners and wheels so that it can have the maximum impact possible by reaching children all over the ward. It comes complete with lots of features that we hope will be both fun and useful for the children, such as games, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, puzzles, colouring apps, and more.

The device will prove invaluable in breaking up the monotony of being in a hospital, and we hope it will enable children to enjoy activities together and perhaps provide some educational value too. Its use is varied and flexible, hence why we believe it is a good investment that will remain effective for years to come.

We hope you can see that your donations go to great causes that have direct and tangible impacts on the lives of those children affected by heart conditions. Every bit of help, big or small, means that the suffering endured by the children and their parents is lessened through projects like these, enabling the children to play and have fun, as all children should.