Kawasaki Disease Awareness Day 26/1/21


Meet Heart Hero Henry

Henry developed KD at just 9 months old.
Henry’s illness started with a swollen lymph node in his neck (the size of half an orange). I had never seen a swelling so big, I immediately phone the doctor. They explained that although Henry was well, he would likely get poorly within a few days as this was a sign his immune system was fighting something. We had no idea what was about to follow!

Henry became so poorly, he was unable to support his own body. The fever was uncontrollable, he developed a rash, red swallow eyes and light sensitivity. He was misdiagnosed with measles. After over a week of doctors appointments, we took him into hospital of our own accord. He was discharge two hours later. I brought him home for only half an hour before he deteriorated further. I took him straight back and demanded tests. Henry was then diagnosed with meningitis.

Henry did not respond to the many medications being given by various IV lines. We were told that KD was unlikely. The doctors did not see that he fitted all the symptoms because he got them at different stages of his illness.
Henry was finally diagnosed after 10 to 14 days. Unfortunately due to the late diagnoses, his heart remained swollen. A week after discharge and many outpatient appointments, they finally confirmed Damage to Henry’s heart. A left sided coronary artery aneurism.

Had I not been aware of Kawasaki Disease at the time, i truly believe Henry’s diagnosis would of been a lot later.
KD is on the rise and still does not have a diagnostic test. This is the reason so many children are misdiagnosed.

I have shared Henry’s story with you today in the hope that I can spread awareness around the world.

Everyone should know the symptoms!