Heartfelt thanks

Heartfelt Thanks

Never underestimate how important small charities are. Heart Heroes have always been there when we needed them most. Even when we didn’t think we needed support we were encouraged to attend their events and realised how valuable they were. Not only for our son to make friends who completely understand his condition but also to meet other families who totally understand the struggles and anxieties you face.
The past weeks have been an incredible struggle. Shielding from the world, family and friends to keep our heart hero safe. But heart heroes have continued to be there for us. Making sure we have the basic supplies we need, a friendly face at the window, fun activities to keep us going …. just being there… any time, any day, a friend, a listening ear, someone who takes the time to be there for you.
Heart Heroes are there for our warriors but to us they are our heroes. For that we will always be grateful.
All our Love from William and his family xxx