Heart Month

National Heart Month 

National Heart Month is an annual event observed in the UK which aims to raise awareness about heart diseases. It helps people understand Congenital Heart Defects CHD and other heart conditions.
The heart is responsible for pumping blood around our body, transporting oxygen and cells to our other organs, so it’s important that we stay aware and make the right choices to keep our hearts happy and healthy.
How To Celebrate National Heart Month?
This month presents opportunities for people to get involved in fun activities to spread awareness and support causes that promote heart health. Why not wear red for Heart Heroes on February 14th, raise awareness about heart disease and encourage others to do the same?


How Can You Keep Your own Heart Healthy?

Making good lifestyle choices is the best way to improve your heart’s health and keep it healthy. To reduce the risk of developing heart-related problems, you can:
* exercise regularly;
* eat a balanced, varied diet;
* monitor your blood pressure;
* maintain a healthy weight;
* get regular health checks by a professional.

Look out for our very own challenge during Heart Month which our Families will be activating #heartheroesrelay @welbaapp