Heart Heroes Wales Hub

Meet Ella.

Ella will be running our Wales Heart Heroes Hub.

I decided to get involved with Heart Heroes, in particular their Welsh Hub as I myself have congenital heart disease. Recently I was fortunate to have a baby boy, who was born without CHD, it was a 1 in 10 chance of him being born with CHD. I realised how scary that must be for parents, having their child diagnosed with such an unpredictable illness that could never be cured. I wanted to give something back and support a good friend with her charity, Heart Heroes. On speaking to Kelly, we quickly realised the lack of provision within Wales, I live in Bridgend so have offered to help run the Wales Hub, where I run coffee mornings and will be looking to organise fundraising events.

Heart Heroes were not around when I was a child and I firmly believe had myself and my family had their support from a young age I would have coped better through my childhood and into my adulthood, as I would have had friends in a similar position to me, people to share my emotions and worries with. Instead I now struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder from all of my procedures and so I hope that by helping families to connect through Heart Heroes that we can reduce the impact that CHD had on everybody’s life.