Heart Heroes – a Member of the Fundraising Regulator:

We are excited to share the news that we are now a member of the UK Fundraising Regulator! This is a big moment for the charity, and it means that we can now say that we are registered with them. Hopefully, this will inspire greater confidence from future generous donors who aren’t yet familiar with us, because it enables them to verify that we are indeed who we say we are, and our work actually occurs.

The organisation’s ‘Code of Fundraising Practice’ (the code) is a set of rules that they ensure we abide by, and aim to promote consistent and high-quality fundraising, provide a platform for complaints, provide a benchmark upon which we can compare out various training and monitoring policies, develop a culture of openness between the public and charities, and much more. The result of this is that it helps the charity to function better, and to prove that we are doing so.

Currently, we are working on a number of exciting projects, including developing an App and expanding the reach of our hubs, and through these we aspire to develop the services that we provide in supporting children and their families who are struggling with heart conditions. The success of this, however, is entirely reliant on donations from the public – in light of our new membership, we hope that this will enable us to be the benefactor of more charity events in workplaces and schools. If you like our work, and you think you could help us in this way, please get in touch at email@heartheroes.co.uk to find out more.

Furthermore, our new approval from the organisation may now mean that you can use us to fill any volunteering criteria you might have with your workplace or school, so please check this! A huge part of what we do is through events, and we run both fundraising events, and those to do with support – ways to bring families and their affected children together for a bit of fun in a relaxed environment that enables them to connect and share advice with people who understand what they’re going through, and provide activities that these children do not have to sit out of. We have events in a range of locations (including online), and at a range of times – there will almost definitely be something for you.

If you know anybody that might like to hear about this, please don’t forget to send them this blog!