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Heart Hero Esmé update….Esmé had a scan on the veins in her neck to check they’re ok to use for the Hickman line. She’s had her Covid and MRSA swabs done and She’s had her bloods taken. She goes down today for 8 am for a heart scan to check she’s able to have the chemotherapy then in the early afternoon she will have her first lumber puncture done followed by chemo into her spinal fluid. Then straight after she will have the Hickman line inserted. We speak to the specialist tomorrow about the severity of the leukaemia and how they are able to treat Esmé.
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 ‘Thank you so much for the iPad and accessories to go with it. It arrived when I wasn’t home but was left with a neighbour so we got it this morning just as we were leaving. Thank you so so much. It’s been a massive hit as we have had RAARAA playing every time she had something done and it made her so happy! First time that she didn’t cry with her bloods too! Can’t thank you enough for the brilliant idea, I’d have never thought Of anything like that! We’ve strapped it to her cot and she’s loved having lullaby bedtime music playing. It’s amazing!’