Heart Family support

We’ve recently had a family reach out via our Facebook messenger who’s journey has been very long and traumatic. Leo was diagnosed with Kawasaki disease the number 1 cause of acquired heart disease. Leo sustained dramatic and life limiting damage to his heart, coronary artery disease, giant coronary aneurysms and thrombus in the same coronaries.

Leo failed Ecmo and Milranione and is now the longest paitent in Gosh on the mechanical aided berlin heart device it’s been 15 months so far. The family home is in Swansea, Wales. 

Leo also has a 10 year old sister who we have invited to join our Cool kids club.  

What is the Berlin Heart?

The Berlin heart is a type of “Ventricular Assist Device” or” VAD”. It is a simple air driven pump which takes over the work of one or both sides of the child’s own heart.