Heart Dads poem written to his daughter 10 years post Heart transplant

Left at the door

Who would have thought it’s been 10 years,Since we left you by that door.

You were so small,so vulnerable. It was what we’d waited for.

The prior 6 months they’d saved your life,too many times to count.


But still your body kept battling on,you’d been through a huge amount.

And yet you flourished,laughing and playing,shining all the time.

Sometimes we forgothow ill you were.Our girl was surely fine?

We wondered if you’d really need the thing we tried forgetting.

Perhaps you’d still not need all this,Perhaps you’d just get better.

And then the shock when the call came in. It was time, they said, tonight.


We weren’t prepared, you had no idea. We held onto you so tight.

The room was set, the time was now, We longed to hold you more.

We knew you were safe, but still it was hard To leave you at the door.

And so we walked, we sat, we cried, we wondered when they’d ring.

It took so long, Was is it all ok?And we should go back in?

But then they called with such great news It all had gone to plan.

We wiped our tears, made room for more, and back to you we ran.


This was the start of your new life. Such courage you had shown.

Before we knew it, the time had come for us to take you home.

Of course, we knew, for this to happen, the sacrifices made.

The sadness others must be feeling, the selflessness displayed.

Our thoughts and prayers don’t feel enough, but that’s all we can do.

Our precious, funny 10 year old is here because of you.