Happy Heartiversary Heart Hero Delydd

Happy Heartiversary to Heart Hero Delydd.

Mum said ‘Today marks 4 years since our darkest day in the midst of a dark week. Handing our child over to have Heart surgery after only having been diagnosed 2 days prior with no obvious symptoms, then keeping busy in the hours she was in theatre and desperately waiting for a phone call saying everything had gone well and finally being able to see her again, only this time in PICU and with a myriad of lines, medications and sedated. We have been very lucky with her recovery and she has grown into an amazing little girl. There a physical scars on her body and mental scars in our mids but we are forever grateful she got given the chance to live this amazing life with us!

Happy 4th Heartiversary to us’.

Delydd joins us at events and is always smiling. Her confidence have grown so much since we first met a very shy, quiet little girl.