Giving Post-Pandemic

According to research commissioned by the Covid-19 Support Fund earlier this year, about 2.2 million people who are regular givers to various charities intended to, or already had, cut back the amount they donate. Alongside this, lots of people shifted the focus of their donations, understandably, to help the numerous initiatives that arose as a result of the pandemic – charities up and down the country have seen falls in donations, and are struggling to provide the usual services: the CEO of New Routes said in an interview  “over the past few months we have definitely noticed a reduction in the number of ad-hoc donations compared to previous years, which can really add up for a small charity like ours”.

However, the work of charities cannot be allowed to stop, and their necessity is more prominent now than ever: in the case of Heart Heroes, a lot of the work done is about supporting families who have a child with a congenital heart disease through the difficult process involved in treating it and adjusting to a life that is imposed upon by serious challenges – this is done through individual counselling, care packages, support groups, and lots more. As you can imagine, over the course of the pandemic, ‘less-urgent’ healthcare has been pushed to the side, and families are of course struggling more than before in arranging all the convoluted appointments and medicines. Furthermore, the time spent at home only adds to this – it is very easy for families to feel all alone in their battle, and that they have nowhere to turn.

This is of course where Heart Heroes steps in, but this is only possible through sustained donations to our incredibly important cause. Support sessions enable families to connect and bond with those facing similar problems, and provide affected children the opportunity to play and interact with other people their age in the same situation, with the same limitations – it can be very frustrating for small children to not be able to take part in all the activities their peers do, so being able to participate fully in activities and make friends is hugely important. Thus, we plead that our supporters continue doing just that, and spread word about the fundraising events and worthy efforts that we make to take some of the strain off these families.

Alongside this, we appeal especially to businesses (particularly local to the South-West and South Wales, where we can make a distinct impact on local communities) to support us through means like choosing us as the benefactor of philanthropic corporate social responsibility. We welcome help like this in lots of ways, but the most obvious is selecting Heart Heroes as the charity at the focus of fundraising days – this could be a cake sale, a casual-dress day, absolutely anything. Every donation, big or small, pushes Heart Heroes to be able to help more families in more ways, and provide that vital place to turn.

If you have any questions about the logistics of this, or want to know how you or your business could help us in more detail, please email and we will more than happy to let you know.