Eye Candy-Love Hearts Collection

Eye Candy
Love -Hearts Collection

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Eye Candy

Eye Candy is a series from artist Renée Melo which is a visual exploration into our love for sweets, in particular the mix of senses of how their colours can immediately transport you to flavours, memories and feelings. It’s a study into objects of mass culture and nothing brings more excitement to a child or adult than seeing a familiar sweet in front of them. Because she uses real sweets the artwork can change over time, which is why each sweet in this series is paired with a Pantone chip that has been meticulously matched to lock the original colour in time.

This Love Hearts collection uses the world famous Swizzles Love Hearts. A sweet that has been in production since 1928 featuring over 100 messages and comes in 6 different flavours. Like all of Renée’s work the messages add an extra layer of playfulness creating unique combinations to tell individual stories.

Renée believes art is the perfect vehicle to raise awareness and spread good in the world, that’s why each series supports a different charity and cause. Eye candy Love Hearts has teamed up with Heart Heroes. Where every item sold will help towards their cause, culminating in a silent auction of an artwork called “Super Heart” where 100% of the profits will go to children and their families living with Heart Conditions which is in the spot light as its National Heart Awareness month. 

The perfect Valentines day gift that keeps on giving.