Donate to Heart Heroes Via Wishy

What is Wishy?

Wishy is a new and exciting platform that allows you to select the exact expenditure of your donation. Its name is derived from the method of donating: by donating the given amount to fund a specific endeavour or product, you are granting the ‘wish’ set by the charity – these are specified items that the charity has posted based on the wishes of the people they help. This is a direct and no-nonsense way to donate, and ensures that your money goes to the cause you would most like to help within the various ongoing projects of a given charity.

How can you help Heart Heroes?

Heart Heroes currently has a number of ‘wishes’ on the platform, covering a range of the avenues of the charities work, and a range of prices – your donation makes a direct, tangible and immediate effect, no matter which price range your donation falls into.

The current wishes include:

  • Bespoke handmade gown to be worn during and after open heart surgery – £25
  • Bespoke handmade Hospital Pyjamas for Heart Child during and after open heart surgery – £25
  • Alive Kor mobile device to send ECG reading to hospital – £95
  • A Heart Heroes Hug- contains arts/crafts, goodies and activities to send to make a Heart child smile who may be isolating, recovering from an operation or is about to have an operation – £30
  • A wild and willow nature box – £15
  • A sensory box to aid sensory play, contains a touchy-feely book, ribbons, spikey ball, foil blanket, bells and feathers – £25
  • Heart Hero cape with name embroidered – £15

You can decide the cause that most interests you in terms of how you would like to positively impact the lives of those children with congenital heart diseases, but is worth mentioning that, no matter the cost of your gift, with Wishy you know that it will make the lives of those children (and their families) unfortunate enough to be affected by these dreadful illnesses just that little bit easier and more comfortable – letting them know that they are not alone in this journey, and that someone ‘out there’ has chosen specifically to donate whatever gift it may be. The magic of Wishy is that it adds a more personal touch to both ends of the donation: you get to know that your donation has an immediate and direct impact, and the child gets to know that someone has chosen to grant a specific wish that really will benefit them.

How can I donate with Wishy?

Luckily, it’s very easy!

Simply go to Wishy – When giving is believing and select ‘Charities’, and then ‘Heart Heroes’ before selecting the wish that you would like to grant, or go directly to the Heart Heroes page with Wishy – When giving is believing.

Please do consider donating.