Dear Surgeon


Dear Surgeon,

I know you don’t know me, but soon you are going to be performing life saving surgery on my little 5 year old girl. You may not have met us yet, but that little girl is my whole wide world. When she smiles she can light up a room and her laugh is so contagious that I don’t think I’ve ever heard it without joining it too. Did you know that she says when you operate, all you will find inside her heart is kindness? She’s a special child and at such a young age already knows that many of the most important things in this life cannot be bought, only felt in… the heart.
I know you don’t know me, but to us, you’re a hero. Your very existence on this earth and dedication to your field is the answer to our prayers and the miracle on which we wait. To think that you will open my precious child’s body and see parts of her that I will never see. She lived inside of me and knows what my heart sounds like from the inside and yet I’ll never be able to say the same of her.. but you will.
It takes a special kind of person to do the job that you do and I truly believe you to be an instrument in the hands of God- bringing life and healing to those here on earth who need it. To say I trust you would be a complete understatement. When I hand over my daughter to you, when I walk away knowing that you are going to stop her heart to then fix it and revive it, please know that I do so fully knowing that you will do everything that it takes to heal her and make her better. Remember her name, remember mine, remember her Father and her brother and the rest of her family who are all rooting and praying for you.
Surgeon, thank you for your commitment, dedication and confidence to bring about the impossible. Thank you for standing out in life and following your calling. Thank you for doing what so many cannot. Thank you for working through sleep, hunger and dinner parties. Thank you for never giving up on these precious precious hearts.
You changed our life the moment you decided to dedicate yours to children like mine. I will live the rest of my life making sure that this precious little heart lives and beats knowing it exists for a special purpose and calling. A lesson learned straight from the very hands that enabled its beat to go on.
Thank you will never be a word strong enough to express what you mean to our family.
With Love,
The Mother of a Heart Warrior.
By Marta Nuevo Goode
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