Corporate Social Responsibility and How We Can Help:

What is CSR?

The aim of CSR is to provide a way to encourage businesses to run themselves ethically and work toward achieving more positive impacts on society, ensuring a sustainable business and social future.  It gives businesses a great opportunity to strengthen the company through improving relationships with consumers at the same time as stakeholders, while at the same time contributing back to society. The term simply refers to the actions that businesses take to go beyond mandatory ethical laws for the purpose of social and environmental progress.

There are three main types of CSR: environmental, ethical and philanthropic. For the purposes of this article, we will only discuss the type that is relevant to Heart Heroes: philanthropic.

So, what is philanthropic corporate social responsibility?

The term encompasses everything businesses do to go beyond simply acting ethically, moving into the role of actively bettering society. This is usually done through donating to charities or helping them out in some form, and offers great benefits to the ‘business’ side of a company: it encourages consumer loyalty, can make workers feel that their work is more valuable, and helps companies gain support from their local communities by taking an active role in their development.

What does this look like in practice?

A good example of this type of CSR is the work of Google, which has multiple schemes in place to maximise its positive effects on society: it has a volunteer program, in which employees can use 20 hours of their paid work time per year to help out and volunteer in the local community, as well as a ‘matching gift’ scheme – this program means that every donation an employee makes to a company (within a certain price range) is matched by the company. As well as promoting a more ethical brand (which is becoming increasingly important to consumers), these schemes also mean that Google makes tangible improvements to the society around them through their philanthropic corporate social responsibility actions.

How can Heart Heroes help my company?

Choose us as the benefactor of your companies philanthropic CSR! Heart Heroes’ hubs spread over South West England and South Wales mean that, instead of donating to a massive charity conglomerate, where your donation goes to unspecified causes, you can support local communities directly – as mentioned, this could bolster the local image of your company, as well as having real impacts your area. In terms of actually helping, Heart Heroes welcomes this in all forms: donations of any size are very gratefully received, but if you’d rather volunteer directly then email to see if this is a possibility in your local area. All hubs run events for the Heart Families, and they are served entirely by volunteers. With regards to raising money, it’s up to you! Maybe you could do a charity cake sale, or fancy-dress day, it really doesn’t matter – as mentioned, any donation helps, regardless of size.

We hope that you will consider Heart Heroes as the benefactor of your company’s CSR.