CHD Awareness

Written by a Heart Mum 

I’m so much more…

You say I’m 1 in 100

But ‘oh’ I’m so much more.

Diagnosed in utero or after birth

Born with a broken heart.

Whether managed by medicine, procedures, operations or ‘watch and wait’ so far,

We carry our scars inside or out,

Like the warriors that we are.

A life of appointments, scans, medication,

Living with uncertainty, fear of news told.

Hanging on hope as nothing is promised,

Wondering ‘what’s next’ a life on hold.

Even when we are treated or ‘corrected’ 

We are not ‘cured’.

Often months in hospital under the care of experts,

Hours of pain and fear endured.

We hear 

“So is CHD a murmur? “

Or “isn’t that just a hole?”

“So now you’re fixed after surgery” 

Or “your heart is normal now?”

We are so much more please understand,

A little knowledge of our hidden disability goes so far.

We are so much more than 1 in 100,

Please find out who we are.

Help us to raise some awareness.

Of the most common birth defect that is CHD

Imagine a world where this didn’t exist.

What a wonderful world it would be.

Febuary is Heart Month

Please support charities who support our CHD community. You can help us make the world of difference.

Thank you