Heart Heroes Ella & Sammi

Heart Heroes founder Kelly had a lovely chat with Heart Heroes Ella and Sammi this evening.

Ella is 27,  her heart condition is Transposition of the great arteries and she has had 3 open heart surgeries.

Sammi is 28 and had coarctation of the aorta, narrowing of the pulmonary artery, multiple VSDs and a faulty valve and she’s had 4 open heart surgeries.

Both are mummy’s to two gorgeous boys. Ella and Sammi are doing a Q & A session on Thursday 23rd @ 7.30pm on what it is like growing up with a heart condition ❤️

A lovely surprise for our Heart children

So this weekend Heart Heroes was very excited to be taking 55 Heart Families on a residential weekend but sadly due to Covid this will now happen next year ❤️ Instead we have lots of our heart families joining us for bingo tonight and some will be camping in their garden for the weekend. This is alongside https://facebook.com/events/s/glasthomebury-festival-2020/243621583489596/?ti=icl

A huge thank you to JB Event Hire for making this happen. JB will be setting up bell tents with lights, bunting and blow up beds all disinfected to a high standard!! We have been told the children do not know about this so it will be a total surprise!!


Shielding update

Heart families have been shielding for over 100 days now during the pandemic. For most this is everyday life, protecting their vulnerable children from infections and viruses. This has been totally different as families have lost their support network of family, friends and professionals. Hospital visits have totally changed as only one parent allowed with the child at one time. Made even more difficult for those children having Open heart surgery during this time. However the families have adapted and coped very well. 

Here is the latest NHS update for all shielding.https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/people-at-higher-risk/advice-for-people-at-high-risk/?a=1


The very kind Cotteswold Dairy, Gloucester donated £100 via Daves Tuck Shop fundraising.

It’s always nice to receive a surprise donation. This will pay to support two families for a month. 

Heartfelt thanks

Heartfelt Thanks

Never underestimate how important small charities are. Heart Heroes have always been there when we needed them most. Even when we didn’t think we needed support we were encouraged to attend their events and realised how valuable they were. Not only for our son to make friends who completely understand his condition but also to meet other families who totally understand the struggles and anxieties you face.
The past weeks have been an incredible struggle. Shielding from the world, family and friends to keep our heart hero safe. But heart heroes have continued to be there for us. Making sure we have the basic supplies we need, a friendly face at the window, fun activities to keep us going …. just being there… any time, any day, a friend, a listening ear, someone who takes the time to be there for you.
Heart Heroes are there for our warriors but to us they are our heroes. For that we will always be grateful.
All our Love from William and his family xxx

Quartet Community Foundation

We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded a grant from the Coronavirus Response Fund Programme to provide urgent, responsive assistance to the most vulnerable, disadvantaged children with heart conditions in South Gloucestershire, Bath and Bristol over 3 months. 

Our work continues with Orchard Fundraising who have gone above and beyond supporting us through the pandemic resulting in us receiving this grant.https://www.orchardfundraising.co.uk