Your holiday booking can make a difference…

As a charity Kelly attended a networking group Omnilocalbusinessnetworking who has since chosen us as their charity to support. At the meeting Kelly and Nicky from Not just travel had a one to one and have since met outside of the network group. Not just travel allow their independent travel representatives to choose a charity to work with. Nicky and Heart Heroes have partnered up, not only to offer a great personal service to our charity supporters but with every booking where Heart Heroes is mentioned a donation is made to Heart Heroes.

Take the hassle out of finding your family holiday or holidaying with friends or family. Nicky is a great contact and easy to talk with. Contact Nicky at Not Just Travel now

Customer service guru LadyJaney on Heart Heroes

We were honoured to have a write up on the very popular LadyJaney blog. LadyJaney is a guest author for WhichUK Conversation and a freelance writer for Cotswold Life magazine. She has a very informative website aimed at both consumers and business owners and is an advocate for customer service excellence. She took time out of her busy schedule to promote our charity. Take a look at her blog on Heart Heroes here

Support means everything…

‘As a parent I would love it if people would support heart Heroes because its brings joy to the children who are struggling with a lifetime condition. As a mother to a cardiac child having gone through all the ups and downs and seeing the stages that we’ve seen with our child… To have a charity that supports each child to bring back that joy and happiness in just the littlest of ways makes us as parents happy. Having different events organised for the children makes them smile and gives them a time of happiness and to forget their illness’