World Children’s Day

World Children’s Day is marked each year on November 20 to celebrate the date when world leaders made a promise to all children, giving them their own set of rights.

Rights exist to make sure everyone is treated fairly and has the basic support they need to survive.

Children already had the same human rights as everyone else, but in November 1989 the United Nations (UN) General Assembly adopted a new proposal, designed to improve child welfare and encourage all countries to work together to build a better world for children.

This special set of rights is made up of 54 articles and is called the Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).

These include, the right to:

💖Life, survival and development
💖Medical care and nutritious food
💖Get information that is beneficial – from newspapers, social media, the radio or TV etc.
💖Receive help from their government
💖Rest and play
💖Not have to do work that is dangerous
💖Be raised by, or have a relationship with, their parents if it is safe to do so
💖Think for themselves
💖Protection from violence, abuse or neglect
💖An education
💖Express their opinions, be listened to and taken seriously


Heart Heroes Wales Hub

Meet Ella.

Ella will be running our Wales Heart Heroes Hub.

I decided to get involved with Heart Heroes, in particular their Welsh Hub as I myself have congenital heart disease. Recently I was fortunate to have a baby boy, who was born without CHD, it was a 1 in 10 chance of him being born with CHD. I realised how scary that must be for parents, having their child diagnosed with such an unpredictable illness that could never be cured. I wanted to give something back and support a good friend with her charity, Heart Heroes. On speaking to Kelly, we quickly realised the lack of provision within Wales, I live in Bridgend so have offered to help run the Wales Hub, where I run coffee mornings and will be looking to organise fundraising events.

Heart Heroes were not around when I was a child and I firmly believe had myself and my family had their support from a young age I would have coped better through my childhood and into my adulthood, as I would have had friends in a similar position to me, people to share my emotions and worries with. Instead I now struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder from all of my procedures and so I hope that by helping families to connect through Heart Heroes that we can reduce the impact that CHD had on everybody’s life.

Santa ‘Wing Walk’ with Sky Dive Buzz

Take to the skies in true Christmas Style with the adventure of a lifetime.

Dress as Father Christmas, Mrs Claus, a Snowman, a Reindeer, a Fairy, or and Elf. Look fantastically festive and make memories to last a lifetime while getting your heart racing and raising much needed funds for Heart Heroes.

Winter Wingwalks are very special a wonderful way to end 2020 on  a high. You will be strapped to the Wing of our Vintage Boeing Stearman Bi-Plane for an exhilirating 10 minute flight tailored to each individual. Before taking to the skies you will have a conversation with our pilot who can offer anything from a gentle walk in the park style experience taking in the local sights to an exilaerating adrenaline filled flight with steep turns, exciting dives and other heart pounding manouveres.


When you are ready to book on for your high flying adventure, please have a look over the check list below and then give Wingwalk.Buzz a call on 01404 890244 so that the team can get you all booked in.



– Be Under 12.2 Stone (77kg) Fully Clothed

– Be able to sign our self declaration medical OR if you are over 65 or anything on the forms applies to you have our medical form signed and stamped by a GP

– Pay a £100 Deposit to Wingwalk Buzz

– Raise a minimum of £599 for Heart  Heroes”

Heart Heroes Coffee morning

Heart families coffee morning. Maximum of 15, 6 per table, temperature taking, hand sanitiser stations, toys sanitised, one way system, NHS COVID 19-app check in and masks to be worn when moving around.

We are very pleased to have been able to start back our coffee mornings today for our Heart families. All parent’s said they felt very safe and needed to get out and catch up with other families.

TRS trials supports Heart Heroes

Supported by TRS UK
18th OCTOBER 10.30 am start at Breakheart Quarry. 15 secs 3 laps.
With very special guest apearances
All funds generated from this event will be split between Breakheart community project and local charity Heart Heroes.
A fantastic charity that helps families and children with CHD (congenital heart disease).

Entries open 1st October 9am.
Phone Ray 01453 547422
£25 Pay on day