At Heart Heroes, we aim to support children and their families who have to live with congenital heart diseases, and the arduous journey that accompanies them. From lengthy and complex treatment and counselling programs with health specialists, to not being able to fully participate in the usual events a child would, the process is never easy, and those affected need all the help they can get.

This is where our charity comes in, and a huge part of what we do is through events, and these really take two forms. The first of these are fundraisers: in the past we have done lockdown quizzes with prizes, ‘Race at Your Pace’ (where participants ran, walked or cycled the distance from our Gloucester hub to Bristol Children’s Hospital), a Family Fortunes Gameshow, and even a Roaring 20’s Ball – a large event that included music, entertainment, raffles, and more. The second type of events encompasses all those to do with support – ways to bring families and their affected children together for a bit of fun in a relaxed environment that enables them to connect and share advice with people who understand what they’re going through, and, most importantly, provide activities that these children do not have to sit out of. In the past, we have done science and art workshops, as well as just regular monthly meet-ups.

Our events in the past have been hugely successful, as determined by the funds raised, and the feedback we get from the families we support, but we desperately need volunteers in order to make these benefits a reality, and to continue with the work that we are doing. Any type of volunteering at any event helps as massively, even just one hour as a one-off will make a difference! It is in light of these factors that we plead that you consider giving up some of your time to help these children and their families. If you are in a business, perhaps your volunteering release could be with us – we are now a member of the Fundraising Regulator, and so you can fulfil any requirements in this way.

We have events in a range of locations (including online), and at a range of times – there will almost definitely be something for you. To find out more about how you can help, email ‘’, and if you would like to register your interest, please follow the steps at: Volunteer With Heart Heroes – Heart Heroes to let us know when you are free and what you could help with.